“Showtime” Crawler Assembly Sequence

After the surprisingly positive reaction that the “Showtime”crawler had among fellow builders, there just had to be instructions made so that others could build and improve the chassis. There are still many technical and structural mods that could make this a much better overall performer, so I urge anyone to push the design further and share their results.

I hope that the photos are not too difficult to follow. The sequence is very basic, but with a bit of patience you should manage to reconstruct the chassis.

m_01m_02m_03 m_04m_05 m_06 m_07 m_08 m_09 m_10 m_11 m_12m_13 m_14 m_15 m_16 m_17 m_18 m_19 m_20 m_21 m_22



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  1. Sebastian Reply

    Could you make a parts list for this? If you could that would be greatly appreciated.

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