Have you ever wanted a to attach your GoPro camera to your MOC, but didn’t know how to attach it securely? Do you glue it? do you clamp it down or tie dozens of rubber bands around? Have you felt, as I have, that there must be a better solution?

The new GoPro to LEGO® Technic adapters will help you mount your camera securely and without adding any excessive weight to your creation.

For the first time ever, a SevenStuds product has been pre-printed and is now in stock on the 7Studs Bricklink store.

A free M5 nut is included and attached for each Bricklink order! If your country is not listed, please contact me directly via the Bricklink contact form.

Once stock runs out, you will still be able to get them from the Shapeways Shop.

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GoPro to LEGO Tecgnic Adapter

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  1. Pierre Reply

    Hello there, congrats for your creations, I’ve just discovered them on Shapeways and it’s really cool. Your adapters are amazing and very well photographed! I’d like to talk with you about your projects, can you contact me?

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