Making custom wheels for LEGO® Technic MOCs is at the heart of the SevenStuds Spirit.
The name “SevenStuds” originates from the diameter in LEGO® units of the 56mm LEGO® racing rims.

The very first printed product back in 2014 was this 7 stud wide 5 spoke racing rim below:

m_3D Printed Lego Technic Compatible Custom Audi R8 Racing Rims 56mm_02

Seeing that a full set of wheels would carry a royal price tag, focus was put on making alternatives that where smaller and less dense, leading to designs like this spoked wheel:

m_3D Printed Lego Technic Compatible Custom_Design Spoked Rim_56mm_03

In the summer of 2015 a very exciting collaboration started with Sariel, who has been known to test the latest 3D parts by other specialized modelers. Our first creation was a set of 49.5mm drifting wheels for his blue Nissan GTR.

See Sariel’s video here.


Once Sariel’s video entered the community, other expert builders like RM8 (the mastermind behind the exclusive dark blue LEGO® Boss Crawler) came forward with commissions for their own set of wheels. In the end we created this set of Rota Grid Drift wheels.

See RM8’s review here.


This design below has been done in the same size as the above wheels, but with a 10 spoke concave design.