Custom Drifting Wheels for LEGO® Technic

After a few months of testing and refinements, I am exited to announce 3 new wheel designs specifically made for drifting with LEGO® Technic RC cars. These wheels are currently being used by Sariel and RM8, who have enthusiastically participated in their evolution.

These wheels can all be found here in the “Drifting” section of the Shapeways shop.

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  1. Ian Reply

    Love the Rota Grid wheel. How easy would it be to convert this so that it matched the dimensions of Part 56145 (Wheel 30.4mm D. x 20mm with No Pin Holes and Reinforced Rim) so that it could have the tyre fitted ?

    I’d also need the “mounting face” from the “6 Spoke” side to match to the 56145 part in terms of location relative to the rim and then i want the Rota spokes to be on the “plain” side of the wheel.

    How possible is this ?

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